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West Central PA

Odyssey of the Mind

Here in the West Central region of Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind, we begin our year of activities and events with school information nights. Check with your Principal to find out when this happens in your school district.

Next we provide training and guidance for coaches. We will have our Coaches Cafe Nov 2 at Room 146 of the Hawthorne Building on the Altoona Campus of the Pennsylvania State University. We offer ACT 48 for Coaches who attend Coach Training and bring a Team to compete at the Tournament. 

West Central PA Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament happens Saturday, Feb. 29th. 
The day begins at 8:30 with the registration of our invaluable volunteer Judges as they enjoy the Judge Training portion of the day. All Judges need to be on hand in the school Cafeteria by 8:45 AM ready to be amazing, encouraging, enthusiastic Judges.

The Spontaneous problem solving and the Long Term solution presentations will begin in the neighborhood of 12 Noon. Final Schedule will be posted to our Facebook and website by February 16th.

As a Judge you should be in touch with the Problem Captain for the Problem that the Team you represent is solving so you can understand the materials you will need to cover prior to coming to Judge Training on the 29th. A pizza and soft drink lunch is provided free to all of our Judges. We also offer Act 48 credit hours for our Judges who are teachers.

See you all on the 29th !!! Please bring you perky morning self !