Instructions for Getting Registered

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The first step must be getting registered with "National ". Go to and click the Join link or click "Register Today " for a single school registration. Follow the form. Whether paying by credit card, purchase order, or check you will be given direction and information as you complete the form or download and print the forms. When your registration is "complete " you will get your Membership Number, new or existing.

Once you have your Membership # you can use the "Member Area " link on the national site to get to the page where you then click on the link "Team Registration ". Here you will need the Membership #. From there follow the instructions to complete the Team Registration. Items bordered in red MUST be completed. Be very careful with your Team Member info as it cannot be changed after the forms have been submitted. (If you find you have made a mistake in this area you will need to send an email to me that detail the necessary corrections). Once you have clicked "Submit " within a very short time you will receive an automatic response email that will include a Username and a Password that will be required for any future access to the Team Information Area of this site. Please record it with all other team info that you "can't " lose.

Part of the process is your Long Term Judge and Volunteer info. You will need one Long Term Judge for each team and one Spontaneous Judge for each membership. The Long Term Judge, Spontaneous Judge, and Volunteer for your team must be different people. Dates and Times for Judge Training and the Regional Tournament are detailed on the Events page. The people you have chosen to fill these vital roles need to go to and  "Judges and Volunteers " then click on "Judge Registration". In the window that follows, click "West Central Tournament on Saturday, Feb 29, 2020". (To go directly to the West Central Region judge registration page click here) Complete all of the required fields, making sure to use the information that appears on the "Team Membership Card " that comes with team registration packet from the National headquarters as to team name, division, and Membership #.   Once you've completed the form and clicked "next step" a page will come up thanking you for registering. Don't close out yet! Scroll to the bottom of that page and confirm your email to complete your registration.

Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their team has the required judges for the events in which they will participate. Coaches can review their team information, their judge's registration by logging in to the Member Area link at 
Coaches are responsible to make sure all Team affiliated Judges and Volunteers have met the
PA Childline Clearance requirements as set forth by the school organization whose name the Membership card carries.

National - $135.00 per membership OM Home  
Regional - $60.00 per membership and $20 per team

                       Address for mailing regional payment:        
                       Don Balasco    
                        601 East Walton Ave
                        Altoona, PA 16602