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Coordinators' Responsibilities 

Admittedly, this is an incomplete list but we hope it covers the basics.

Provide copies of the package of materials (instructions, forms, etc.) from the Regional Director to each of your memberships and coaches. 

Ensure that each membership and team completes the registration process. For more guidance visit the Registration Process page. You should complete and submit the Southwest Region/State Registration Form for each of your memberships. 

Ensure that each membership provides at least one volunteer for the Regional Tournament. 


 Ensure that each membership supplies at least one judge to be trained in spontaneous.  

Work with your coaches to ensure that each team provides at least one long term problem judge for the Regional Tournament.  

Encourage your coaches to give a completed Judges’ Training Form, a copy of the long term problem description, and a copy of the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide (Available through the Member Area at the National website)to their judges will before Judges’ Training

Tips for Coordinators

What's a coordinator to do? If you have reviewed your membership materials and are wondering, What do I do next, here are some tips. Keep in mind that everyone involved should have fun.

Get students interested and involved. Be enthusiastic. Have P. A. announcements, place posters around the school, and ask teachers to recommend the program.  

Have a meeting of all interested students. Present the long-term problems. Ask students to sign up for the problem they wish to solve. Form teams from the sign-up lists. Give each team a copy of its chosen problem.  

Try to get at least one coach for each team. Ask teachers and parents for help.  

Any information mailed from Creative Competitions Inc. is sent to the person listed as the membership contact. If you are the contact person, be sure to copy and distribute to all teams within your membership.  

Arrange a performance for the student body and faculty. Let the school see what you teams have learned through Odyssey of the Mind. This is also good rehearsal for teams before they go to official competition, and it helps them feel comfortable performing before an audience. 

Coordinators Roundtable

Check the Events/Dates Page for this year’s schedule. The roundtable will include information sharing and discussion between the Regional Director and the program coordinators from each district. Following the session, you will be able to attend several of the "Coaches’ Cafe" presentations. 

ACT 48 hours available for teachers